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Entry 10th June 2020: Post 1: The Deluxe Creativity Series.

The Deluxe Creativity Series.

I guess when any Amiga fan talks of Deluxe 'anything' they tend
to think of the paint packages. Interestingly the Deluxe series
was quite extensive. Whilst sorting a few boxes out I discovered
a leaflet labelled 'The Deluxe Creativity Series' which listed quite
a number of the products available.

DeluxePaint - DeluxeVideo - DeluxePrint - DeluxeMusic Construction
Instant Music - Deluxe Library Art Parts Volumes 1 and 2 plus the
various Arts disks for packages - Seasons and Holidays and It's only
Rock 'n' Roll plus Hot & Cool Jazz.

DPaint came in various upgrades from the original through to V or 5.
All were equally as rewarding and just so easy to use. For me
the great benefit of DPaint was the ease at which I could create my
desktop animations. I still use the software to this day.

I believe I have the full complement of Deluxe software and also
have the video series guiding you through the usage of the software.

DeluxePaint probably has to be the most famous of Amiga software
and if you don't have a copy.. any copy... ' WHY NOT ? '

The Deluxe Creativity Series.

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