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Entry 11th June 2020: Post 1: My XBOX era take 2.

My XBOX era take 2.

Baffles me why I ever got an XBOX. It is even more baffling why I
purchased two XBOX 360s. I mean HALO was never that good. I have an
XBOX 360 mint in box and never really been used. Don't ask.

The original XBOX was quite inferior to the PS2 given that everything
about it was large and clumsy. I had to keep it out on a small desk
in here whereas the PS2 stood neatly next to the TV monitor. Also
the XBOX has these quite dreadful controllers which are way too
large and a pain to use. There were a few games for the XBOX that
I did like playing, like Alias, but they were few and far between.
I still have the XBOX, though it hasn't been used in years.

The XBOX 360 arrived in 2010 on the back of Bayonetta which I was
told played superior on that machine. I seriously could not tell
the difference with the PS3 version. The XBOX 360 was used for
like a day I guess. I bought the second hand one so I could play
FIFA lunchtimes at work. Never worked out as I never seemed to get
lunch breaks after 2010. And so both XBOX 360 machines were put
in storage.

During the 2010+ era I did collect a number of XBOX 360 magazines
and placed them in storage. I just lost interest in the platform.
I have any number of console magazines in storage and I am threatening
this year to go deep and extract them all. Interestingly the ones
that I feature today, which were amongst my comic collection for
some reason, hadn't ever been opened. I really didn't have the guts
to peel the tape. One was open so I feature that here today.

I am mentioning this fact today cus basically the PS3 fell over
courtesy of the red/light of death. I did get a replacement PS3
though I need to swap out the hard drive. By the time the new
drive arrived I was well into a few games on the XBOX 360. And so
I mothballed the PS3 and am now heavy into the 360.

The machine still suffers from all the annoyances of a Windows
based machine. Jon Hare summed it up about technology like this
when he discussed the annoying need to have everything out on
display. The 360 is just laden with endless pointless boxes and
submenus and it's just juvenile and quite sickly to navigate. I
so miss the simplicity of the PS3. I never feel like I am in
control with a Microsoft product. I always feel like I should be
honoured to be borrowing their OS and kit. With the PS3 I always
felt it the other way around with me in charge and the PlayStation
Network definitely sitting quietly in the background. Most times
I was locked into games so I just couldn't care less. The XBOX 360
has the same base home run for games but the blasted settings for
the console to the storage area is so convoluted.

Suffice to say I struggle with it, but it's not a truly fluid
enjoyable experience. And the controller is truly crap. No idea
how anyone rates this thing. For me growing up with the PlayStation
I just find it too large, too heavy and a struggle to use. I need
the thumbsticks in a line and the right and left button way more
intuitive and better located. Man, the times I click the wrong
thing. Specially when using movement and overclock in Lightning.

Anyhoo.. XBOX 360 is getting a second shot at the cherry as they
say and whilst a struggle, isn't so bad as to prevent me enjoying
the  games. I will discuss that further in the next blog. For now
here are some images from those 2010'ish magazines I found. Albeit
I only opened the one. The others will always be sealed whilst here.
Again it's better not to go there.... those are the rules.

My XBOX era take 2.

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