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Entry 11th June 2020: Post 2: XBOX 360 - Lightning has returned.

XBOX 360 - Lightning has returned.

If you have ever played a Final Fantasy game I am sure the word
'completionist' comes to mind. Just thumb through any of the inch
thick manuals for any of the games and you will appreciate just how
little you scratch the surface by simply doing the play through.

Lightning Returns is no different except that with this game
they literally let you carry over everything you had achieved and
accumulated from the previous game. This encourages you to just
keep restarting the game over and over. And this is what I did on
the PS3 until I had collected most stuff and my HP stood at 99999.

So when the PS3 collapsed without warning I lost everything. Not
only for Lightning but all those special items I had worked so hard
to acquire and achieve on so many games. My heart sank and I was
so sad. Getting the second PS3 was no substitute even though my
trophies were intact as were any downloaded item.

I am not s retro gamer by choice. I kinda got stuck in the PS3 era
cus of online gaming. I have committed so much time to MMOs these
last ten years that the console really has taken a back seat.

In September of last year I finally got my character in Tera to 70
and I had completed as far as I wanted to go my Warcraft BfA time.
I have several characters at 120 and I have had a 'Motherload' of
dungeons... to last a lifetime.

And so I picked up FFXIII-2 and ran with that for a while. October
I was playing Lightning and then Jan/Feb I entered my HitMan period.
I returned to Final Fantasy for a short interlude and then the
machine went pop. I was gutted. I moved over to the XBOX and then
purchased Final Fantasy XIII-2, Hitman, Mass Effect 2/3, Saints Row.
I began playing HitMan and completed the game to free up all the
levels and then played Saints Row. Man is Saints Row a hoot. I love
taking control of a tank and levelling everything ... BOOM !!!
Interestingly this year they have re-released an upgraded version of
the 4th which looks brilliant.

All the time I am trying simply to rebuild my stocks of achievements,
rewards and items. It's been a hard slog.

A month ago I finally bit the bullet and obtained Lightning Returns.
It was a daunting task to set off yet again collecting everything,
but I decided to do so. THIS TIME however I am saving all my game
data to a USB stick as I go along.

I am happy to report that I have now defeated Bhunivelze the final
boss and completed the game in hard mode collecting all the rare
garb outfits, accessories and weapons. I even defeated the very
super hard boss Ereshkigal in the Ultimate Lair on Day 13. Man do
I like this game. Like I say I am saving all my progress so that I
never have to do this again.

Some question why Lightning changes her appearance very slightly
in the last session with a softer look. Folk need to appreciate
that Lightning had chosen during her years of conflict to hide
her more softer side and to live in a state of denial. Lumina
in the game represents all that Lightning chose to lock away. In
the last scene as the world dies Lightning bonds with Lumina and
becomes whole again and so the designers of the game softened her
appearance to the one seen on the games jacket cover. And that
is why the game is really called 'Lightning Returns' and why in
the games closing scene after the credits she becomes her true
self ... Claire Farron

There you go.. Lightning did return. In more ways than one.

Always make sure you get your moneys worth out of games. And
if you are not having fun in a game, you are not playing a game.

XBOX 360 - Lightning has returned.

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