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Entry 12th June 2020: Post 1: Amiga Games - From the top shelf.

Amiga Games - From the top shelf.

Time was that I spent all my hard earned cash on Amiga games and
the like. I would trundle down town lunchtimes and lust over the
pristine boxes sitting on shelves in Game, Electronics Boutique,
HMV, Smiths, Virgin and even Boots. I just couldn't resist them.
When I unboxed new games I was very careful with the box and
placed it on a series of shelves above the Amiga. Soon I had a
wall full of games. I have always removed the manual and placed
on a separate shelf and put the disks in a disk box. And so was
born the term top shelf games.

Over the years I have transferred the boxes to another location,
but for the best part, all my original Amiga games are stored
together. There are a few that are in tubs and located elsewhere
but the boxes are as they were back in the day. I have added a
few select additions but the top shelf remains intact.

Obviously I have many many other games and these are on shelves
in the disk room and in tubs scattered around the house. But my
treasured personal best still exists as it did. When I think of
the money I spent and chuckle at today's Amiga community that just
seem to download everything for free. I was spending like 29.99
on average for games and just the 60 odd I feature here set me
back around 1500.

Was it worth it ? Yes it was, every penny. I do not regret buying
one game, even though some were truly crap. The games represent
for me my Amiga gaming era and it really would have been meaningless
had I not had the good and the bad to compare. I treasure them all
good and bad and so as a tribute I took them one at a time off the
top shelf and photographed them. They are not in any order at all
I simply took the pics then put them back.

When I play a game I simply check my disk log and find the disk
box with the game in. I then retrieve the manual/guide which is in
alphabetical order. You must never place heavy boxes on top of each
other, or they will crease the boxes below. I even put tissue around
selective boxes at book ends to avoid spider attack. I then place
tissue over the top.

Magic artwork with boxes, and they always have that new smell.

Happy happy days. The Amiga rocks when it comes to games. Coolio !!"

Amiga Games - From the top shelf.

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