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Entry 13th June 2020: Post 1: SONY HiT-Bit 75 - Damage Limitation.

SONY HiT-Bit 75 - Damage Limitation.

It is tricky having old computers out on the desk all day that are
used frequently, and protect them from damage. Whilst I take good
care of the kit, I do not go out of my way to feather cushion all
that I have. My most favourite machines are ready to rock'n'Roll
at a minutes notice and so they have but modest covers.

What I do with the MSX machines is sit them on top of the very
large monitors I have for tin box PCs. I do have paper roll over
keyboards. For the most part though they are on show and ready for
use. I obviously avoid dropping stuff on them, and to monitor their
condition I do take pics of the existing damage to ensure they are
not suffering any further dings. One thing I do trouble myself with
is actually causing damage myself. If this happens you will find
me perched on the edge of a high bridge about to throw myself off.
I just cannot cope with personally bringing grief to the kit.

The HiT-BiT sadly did suffer at my hand. I hadn't realised just
how delicate the surface coating had become. I was a little heavy
handed with a sponge trying to remove a mark, and sadly scratched
the surface of the paintwork. It is only in one location and only
visible in certain light. But I know, and that hurts.

The same machine has a damaged rear port. Not by me I must add. It
looks as though someone didn't understand how the butterfly clasps
worked and literally wrenched the teeth from the socket plus the
spring ties.

There is damage to face paint work on these machines. They were all
used in their day and I doubt users were troubled by a little dings
in the surfaces. For me it matters not as the computers work. I
only trouble myself with harm whilst here. But they are used and
not in tubs stored away.

The SONY HiT-BiT dates from around 1984 and uses the Z80A processor.

SONY HiT-Bit 75 - Damage Limitation.

2nd HiT-BiT

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