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Entry 13th June 2020: Post 2: Mitsubishi ML-F80 - Damage Limitation.

Mitsubishi ML-F80 - Damage Limitation.

Same goes for this machine as discussed in the previous post. The
difference here is that this computer has been hammered. It carries
war wounds from long since past. It kinda makes the computer more
interesting cus it shows this machine was heavily used.

The previous owner hard wired a switch onto the computer plus hard
wired the tape deck into the machine also. So when you flick the
switch it activates tape and computer. Pretty neat.

The image from this machine is clear as a bell and she works with
little fault. I do have issue with the 'W' key. Saying that, most 
if not all my MSX machines work. This computer dates from 1983 and 
also utilises the Z80A.

If you are weak of stomach I would avoid the pictures. She has
been on the front lines for most of her working life, previous to
coming here. Sadly she gets no rest as I just love using this little
beast for mucking around with MSX tapes I have. A real trooper.

Mitsubishi ML-F80 - Damage Limitation.

Should read ML-F80 DUH !

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