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Entry 14th June 2020: Post 1: Commodore 64s - Broken but not forgotten.

Commodore 64s - Broken but not forgotten.

I have these two C64 'breadbin' style computers that really have
seen better days. Sadly they have been used to salvage parts and
keys, and so it is hardly surprising they are not working. Shame

In my early years of collecting I would bid on all kinds of kit
whether broken or not. Often the sadder the auction looked the
more likely I would bid on the kit, just to give the stuff a home.
I never intended in those days of repairing anything. My aim was
to use the kit for taking reference photographs for the website.

And so stood in a sad little corner are the debris of C64's and
VICs plus some Plus4s and a couple of Ataris. Just cus they are
broken doesn't mean they can't be referenced. After all it is
very useful to know what is inside and the state of the keys. I hate
salvaging stuff, but sometimes it is all I can do.

Both machines actually power up. The one has a grey screen and
the other nothing but static. The cases are not half bad. I am
sure that in time they will find a home and some kind person
will bring them back to life. Fingers crossed.

Ar hum !!

Commodore 64s - Broken but not forgotten.

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