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Entry 15th June 2020: Post 1: MSX ML.F80 - Return of the vubble-yu.

MSX ML.F80 - Return of the vubble-yu.
A somewhat short blog for what was a little more of an intense
session with the Mitsubishi ML.F80.

I was somewhat troubled by the loss of the 'w' key which I guess
was a little careless of me. Anyhoo .. I woke today determined to
recover the lost 'w' and set too again retrieving the MSX machine
and laying her out on the bench.

If you ever have just the one key bust and it's not at an edge or
a major key like say the space or return, chances are it's a dodgy
sensor or debris under the key. Sometimes just tapping it endlessly
will resolve the matter.

I guess I was lucky as a little intense cleaning and gentle working
of the key set the keyboard back to its fully functioning state.

I have to say I love it when I am successful in my endeavours, as
the loss of even a key renders the machine unusable. This had to 
be a simple thing as the computer was being used quite a bit up 
till just lately. I do recall having an issue the last time I 
photographed her.

I didn't undertake a full soak test but I spent a considerable 
amount of time today with the computer on and checked her repeatedly. 
I do hope that I managed to clear the problem. For all the computers
cosmetic issues she is truly one of my best. I would be lost with
out her. I say that about many of my machines. It is what keeps
their little hearts a beating.

Say na' more. Other than I never give up.

OK Back to my VC frenzy ... as you do. Happy days. 

MSX ML.F80 - Return of the vubble-yu.

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