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Entry 17th June 2020: Post 1: VC 20 - Day 2 with broken kit.

VC 20 - Day 2 with broken kit.

I actually reviewed this particular VC 20 back in May before the
dreadful heatwave we had. The computer is very frustrating cus
for like an eternity she was stacked in the graveyard for salvage.
Then back during 2018 I tried again and found she was working. Odd.

So when I was preparing to do my VIC 20 review I plugged this VC
in with a view of just taking some screen shots for reference.
BUT !!! she wasn't bloody working. I was so distraught. I opened
her up and checked over the motherboard but couldn't find a thing
wrong. All the chips were warming as they should.

So I closed her up and put her away. She had obviously died in the
intervening period. Never mind.

Today however I woke up determined not to give up on the VC 20.
So she was taken back to the bench for a thorough going over. I
was about to yet again give up when I 'jiggled' the video connector
on the back of the VC 20. And to my surprise she fired up. The
image on the screen was crystal clear. Amazing really, as all it
took was a slight movement to the right.

So I recorded the fault and was pleased that I have at least
one VC 20 working. There really was nothing wrong with the computer
other than the dodgy port, which could be worked around with a
broken matchstick inserted to the one side. That simple.

SHE IS ALIVE !!! Isn't that just wonderful.

Happy happy days.

VC 20 - Day 2 with broken kit.

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