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Entry 17th June 2020: Post 2: VC 20 - Day 2 with broken kit - Part II

VC 20 - Day 2 with broken kit - Part II

The failure of the second VC 20, which subsequently did work ( see
previous blog ), did cause me to cut short my photo session for
yesterday. I just didn't have the stomach to open up another VC 20
just to be reminded that I don't have one working VC 20. However,
with my success today I decided to brink back the last of my
busted VC 20s and record her properly. Here goes.

Nothing heavy, she just isn't feeling herself. Poor thing.

One point of interest is that I left the machine on for over fifteen
minutes and the chips were warm as per the previous blog. So I am
convinced she can be brought back to life.

VC 20 - Day 2 with broken kit - Part II

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