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Entry 1st June 2021: Post 1: AVR 3000/GS PLUS - Attic Attack by Scanner.

AVR 3000/GS PLUS - Attic Attack by Scanner.

So I am struggling with a large fan that I was dragging out of
the loft. The weather has again changed to the nightmare that is
the summer. The fan in question sits atop a large stand and I was
precariously balanced at the head of the ladder lowering the fan
through the hatch. Suddenly the legs got snagged and I tugged at
the fan trying to release. There was a sudden crash and I ducked
just as the loft hatch became part obscured by a heavy plastic
slab of a thing. How it didn't smack me over the head and drop me
from the ladder only knows.

Turns out the item in question was an Advanced Vision Research
3000/GS PLUS grey scale scanner from 27th February 1993. I had
rescued the very yellow scanner from a previous loft in St Helens
when I collected the Checkmate.

You would be amazed to learn that the 256 grey scale scanner cost
$2090 in the day with a colour upgrade costing $995 which this
unit has plugged into the rear end. It was shipped with Astral
Developments Picture Publisher and uses the HP Scanjet Plus software.

The scanner ran on AT and XT compatibles with 640K RAM, hard disk
and 8-bit full length slot. It appears to be an SCSI device with
the UNIT No. set to 1 below. There is also a VGA pass thro that
works with the imaging software.

I was very surprised to discover that the scanner burst into life
when I switched it on, though there is quite a lot of dust and
some hairs under the glass. The scanner has been in storage in the
loft for probably fifteen years. I also found some image disks
that I will have a look at.

I was reminded of the image on the front of Atic Atac or the
Sinclair Spectrum that shows a slab like object crashing down over
the open hatch. Kinda sums up my experience. It's bloody heavy.

Man I hate the summer. 

AVR 3000/GS PLUS - Attic Attack by Scanner.

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