ScuzzBlog: Diaries June 2021

Entry 1st June 2021: Post 2: Getting the most out of your Amiga.

Getting the most out of your Amiga.

Frequent readers of this blog will appreciate my growing frustration
with current Amiga users and their pre-occupation with electrical
engineering and gaming. Not a post goes by these days on the more
popular forums from a returning or new user and their determination
to reinvent the Amiga so they can latch on a floppy emulator and
download games. Leaves me feeling cold given that I have always
viewed the Amiga as a powerful computer and as such simply requires
a healthy diet of computer related software and hardware.

Time was that the list of things you could do on an Amiga was pretty
endless. The amount of stimulating products was astounding. Amiga
Format even published yearly journals on just what could be achieved
on an Amiga. I guess that I would rather users of the platform feed
their Amiga with a reinvigorated portfolio of classic applications than
the otherwise staple diet of ADF games images.

I read so much about the quite powerful upgrades that users fit and
then my heart sinks as the ambition is collapsed upon by a simple
gaming ethic. Games are like trading cards, they simply are just
collected, for nothing, and then stored for an eternity on an Amiga
destined to gather dust. The poor thing was and will always be a
computer first so I plead with any user to at least treat her with
the dignity she deserves and put her computing power to good use.
Instead of building quite moronic catalogues of cracked games, why
not build an Amiga portfolio worthy of this computers heritage.

For those digging around for ideas on just what the Amiga can do
then simply acquire a copy of one of the very wonderful Amiga
Format guide books and start building your own library of software.
Maybe then I can enjoy a few meaty posts on the forums that deal
with something other than retrobrite, capacitors and Goteks.

Getting the most out of your Amiga.

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