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Entry 2nd June 2021: Post 1: Win 3.1 - Fully loaded pre 95.

Win 3.1 - Fully loaded pre 95.

Having featured the scanner yesterday I thought I would dig out
the Win 3.1 machine that used it. Back in the early 2000s I won an 
auction for a Checkmate and travelled to St Helens to collect it. 
I got a lot more than I bargained as in addition I got a whole loft 
of kit. Amongst the many goodies was this Win 3.1 machine. It was 
linked to the Amiga and utilised the scanner, printer, TV and even 
a small photocopy machine. The owner, who I presumed had died, was 
a real enthusiast and is well known on the blog for his work with 
the Amiga 500 and Checkmate. It looks a though he started his
computer era with the VIC20 and C64 and progressed to the 500 and
then the Checkmate , then over to Win 3.1 with the timeline running
dry in the middle of 1995. I don't think he ventured further into
95 and certainly no evidence of Win 95.

This computer has been upgraded many times and has some very nice
features, like the PS2 on the side front face. The writing suggests
the cards were a moving target and being changed regularly. Also
the small blanking off plates had been utilised at various times.
The machine is fully loaded and still a very clean computer.

In respect of the scanner I was keen to establish if it was SCSI.
Turns out it was as the card is a SCSI Adaptec AHA 1510. So I
solved that little conundrum.

When I first entered the loft where this kit was set up it was
filled with magazines, disks, software, gadgets and cables etc.
I managed to bring back with me most of it and so by keeping it
all together I am able to trace the long history of the various
kit. This was a man that not only embraced the Amiga but also
was keen to dabble with the PC of the day. It represents a world
before Windows 95 and one dominated by DOS. I have drawers full
of disks along with disk boxes of software. The books take up
two very large shelves.

I doubt anyone who knew the gentleman would imagine that his world
still exists here albeit locked in my timeline. For me it has
always been very important to maintain kit and software together.
Anyone that lived through the home computer boom of the eighties
will appreciate just how magical your computer workspace could be.
Having just a computer from the period reflects none of the world
that existed around it. Only by retaining fragments of the world
of the computer enthusiast can you really appreciate the person
behind the machine.

Next up I sift though a couple of boxes of software from the attic
of Mr Logan. My man in St Helens.

By the way I had to move two other computers today to get to this
machine. Fortunately nothing dropped on me today. It also rained
and was overcast so much more acceptable cooler weather. If it
gets hot I have to stop. Sorry.

Win 3.1 - Fully loaded pre 95.

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