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Entry 2nd June 2021: Post 2: Win 3.1 - When DOS was king.

Win 3.1 - When DOS was king.

I dragged out a couple of boxes of goodies from the wonderful
world of Mr Logan, the owner of my first Checkmate, in the search
for software for the scanner. Sadly I failed, but still enjoyed
going through some of the pre Win95 era of software.

Interestingly I did find my very own SCSI card manual and disk
which is fitted to my Win95 machine. The scanner is locked behind
a desk and not likely to be retrieved any time soon. I also found
a number of Win95 manuals and disks which were not part of the
St Helens haul.

This guy collated and recorded everything meticulously. He had
extracted the CD discs and placed them with the article from the
receptive magazines. I have manuals that he created recording
instruction on how to install, use and modify certain software.
It really is a very good record of the world of this man. What
I show here today barely scratches the surface. Recording it
all would take along time.

Happy days.

Win 3.1 - When DOS was king.

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