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Entry 2nd June 2021: Post 4: Fern is an Authentic AMD running Win98

Fern is an Authentic AMD running Win98

Fern is the last of the computers that I had to move today to get
at the Win3.1 machine. She is truly wonderful and has been a great
help over the years providing storage to the Amiga. She may look
a bit toothless but I had to remove the front panel to get the
second hard drive installed.

Fern is a Windows 98 Second Edition AthlonXP Authentic AMD with
a Duron Processor with 256K RAM. Graphics is provided by a NVIDIA
GEForce 2. She has a C Drive 38GB and D drive 25GB and both are
full of Amiga software. She is networked on a share to the A1200.
She also is accessible by my other 20 PCs networked here.

I do like Fern she is small and compact and most cute. She isn't
the fastest on the block and struggles with modern video. However
she just keeps on trucking and I love her for that.

She may look as though she has capacitor cancer. This is an
illusion as the capacitors in question get bombarded by CPU dust
that builds up round the fan and then gets dumped onto the line
of capacitors just to the side. I do show some real capacitor
cancer in a later blog. Dunno if you have been noting just how
many capacitors exist on all my kit. It really is not something I
can do very much about. The computers live and die in my life
and I'm just grateful for every day they work.

That's that. All computers are back on their piles and connected
and working. It's all I can ask. Cool.

Fern is an Authentic AMD running Win98

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