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Entry 4th June 2021: Post 1: Acorn A3020 - I found the hard drive.

Acorn A3020 - I found the hard drive.

Yesterday I said that the hard drive was broken on the A3020. Well
as I woke from my slumber today I reflected on the possibility of
the drive simply not being configured. When you lose the autoboot
on the Acorn computer after removing the battery you have to set
the configuration to mount the IDE drive.

Anyhoo .. I dragged the A3020 and Amstrad bw monitor onto the bench.
I then clicked the application folder and dropped the configuration
tool onto the tray. I then ran the hard drive configuration app and
set the IDE to on, and like magic BurySchool appeared. And so I know
where the Acorn came from. What was interesting is that I had been
here before as there was a scuzz folder on the drive.

I also discovered the task window for the command line which was a
lot easier to use.

There you have it. The A3020 does have a working 2.5" drive and is
still referring to it's originating user... Bury C of E School or
Church of England School. Cool.

Acorn A3020 - I found the hard drive.

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