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Entry 4th June 2021: Post 2: Home Computing - The unrepeatable era.

Home Computing - The unrepeatable era.

I find it ever more difficult advising current users of suitable
kit to drive their retro interest. Time was that there was such
a lot of second hand kit about you could suggest any number of
options in respect of add-ons, gadgets, peripherals etc. Today
sadly there just isn't any of it about any more. Worse is the
lack of actual computers themselves. I fear that in time users
will be limited to emulators and or just reading up on the kit.

So what of today and the equivalent collectables ? I'm afraid I
just don't think their is anything like the variety of unique
and varied products that filled our lives back in during the
dawn of the home computing era. When I look at my own collection
and the number of differing makes of machines I am saddened that
there just isn't anything like it today. Sure there must be a
good range of phones and tablets, but I suspect there isn't
a vast difference between what is on offer. Also I doubt they
are ground breaking and of the historical significance of what
existed during the late seventies ,eighties and early nineties.

And so I thought I would simply show a dozen or so pictures today
of a world sadly vaporising into the distant mist. I am sure
that the world that many computer enthusiasts grew up in is in
truth simply unrepeatable. Further many today that have a lust
for older kit just were maybe not even born in the same century
as the kit in question.

Happy days ... just a sprinkling. Made my eyes fill up just thinking
about the wonderful era I grew up in.

Home Computing - The unrepeatable era.

Sinclair QL

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