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Entry 5th June 2021: Post 1: Sinclair ZX80.

Sinclair ZX80.

I think it is very difficult today to put into perspective just
how significant this computer was. Not simply as it most likely
heralded the dawn of the home computer revolution that was to
follow, but cus of on a private level, it changed my life for
ever. Nothing would ever be the same after Clive Sinclair decided
to give home dwellers the opportunity to own a computer. Truly
a ground breaking philosophy that was to change the world of the
computer for ever and ever and ever and ever ... 'Hello World'.

The ZX80 released in 1980 ... just forty one years ago.
Made by Sinclair in the UK from about Feb 1980.
Running on a NEC 780C-1 (Z80 compatible) at 3.25 MHz.
RAM consisted of a massive 1KB.

A kit for this computer would set you back eighty quid.

Sinclair ZX80.

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