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Entry 7th June 2021: Post 1: Acorn A3010 - Dodgy three button mouse.

Acorn A3010 - Dodgy three button mouse.

I had a couple of issues with the Acorn A3020 the other day and
planned on returning when I recovered a few three button mice.
One problem was easily resolved and that was a rolling video
screen. I just needed to screw the port connector in properly.

Regarding the mouse, I had encountered an issue with the left
button as it was a little hit and miss on the click. So I pulled
out an Acorn A3010 today and tried the same mouse on that machine.
I had the same problem sadly, and it looks as though the button
may need some attention.

I did find a newer style mouse and two other standard ones. All
of these worked no problem. The one very old mouse was kinda slow
on the movement, but I guess she just needs a good clean.

It really can be a problem for the Acorn, not having a suitable
mouse. These things are getting rare, though I do notice various
converters currently for sale, but they are not cheap.

I also had a couple of other three button mice that were boxed
in with the Acorn mice. These are kinda odd because they permit
three button on MS and one lets you trigger a two button option.
Not really sure what the 'Windows System' they are referring to
for the three button. You have to be careful interpreting the AM
on a mouse, cus it could just mean Amstrad.

Anyhoo the mice appear to work, albeit two need a little attention.
Just another day in paradise for little old retro me. Its what I do.

PS I was a little concerned about the mouse failure cus when you
have removed batteries due to leakage any failure can mean I
was unsuccessful. That is why I have always viewed having more
than one computer of any type is really helpful.

I have an awful lot of A3010 computers. When I started to collect
Acorn I was very keen to get a working computer. Sadly each and
every one of them refused to boot when I tried them. Well that
was until I realised that you have to press the DELETE key to force
a boot with a dead battery. Turned out that all of the computers
that I had viewed as faulty were working. Acorns are pretty bullet
proof I have to say. I have removed all the batteries.

Acorn A3010 - Dodgy three button mouse.

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