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Entry 31st July 2021: Post 1: Here comes the rain again.

Here comes the rain again.

OK so the rain clouds are looming and the temperature has lowered
to a cool 23 deg C, so why am I not rushing up here to start the
blogs again. A strange thing happened.

First up, I struggle each year with the summer and so this year I
opted to just shut up shop and move into the Amiga workshop. I just
refuse to have computers running at over 28 Deg C and so I use the
workshop where it's a lot cooler.

I have no internet in the Workshop. I only have internet access from
this room upstairs. I do not own a mobile phone. It is a truth that
I do not use a mobile phone or ever wish to use one. There are no
tablets or mobile phones in this house.

I am fortunate enough to not have to work. I saved all my money and
gave up work whilst I was fit and able so that I could enjoy my
passion for my old computers. This is significant to my behaviour
so unless you are so privalaged then do not try what I do at home.

So why am I not rushing to get back onto the blog? More importantly
why am I not using this computer and using the internet daily. Well,
on June 6th 2021 I decided to cut all ties with the world and declare
my Workshop as a sovereign state. The State of scuzz. In my world
there is no internet. There is no news, no business news, no weather
reports, no virus updates, no sport, no football, no social media,
no Reddit, no YouTube, no online groups or chat forums... in truth
no access with the outside world. All my food is delivered and that
is all I need to survive in my world. PS I've never had a Facebook
or Twitter account.

So what happened... The first week was a struggle. I really was
biting the ends of my fingers off not having access to daily news
updates and the like. After a while though this subsided. Then
something quite magical happened ... I started to draw again with
pencils. I began to write again on bits of paper. I started to build
journals and files with my scribbles. I used the desk more and took
to paper as my primary source of inspiration. For entertainment I
viewed videos and DvD and read more books and magazines. Less and
less I switched on any computer and enjoyed more the desk practices
of old. A time when all I needed was a pen, pencil and a blank bit
of paper.

So why am I not rushing back to the blogs and the internet. I hate
to say it but I think I'm done with the world of misery and social
bullshit. I kinda find my sovereign state a much more pleasant place
to be. In my world I don't have to tolerate the endless, mindless,
scare mongering associated with the worlds press and politicians.
They are not allowed in here so I am protected from them all. Since
June 6th 2021 I have not read one news article, not one update on
the dreaded virus issues. I have no idea who won the European footy,
and any other sports event. Its fun taking guesses sometimes. I did
play out the whole of the Euro footy in my head and predicted all
the results. In my competition England got knocked out by Croatia
and little known Chechnya beat Belgium in the final 2 - 0 with the
runners up Germany and Holland. I care not that Chechnya do not
qualify, cus this is my country and these are my rules.

And now I am so use to not having the burden of real life to trouble
me that I am struggling giving myself good reason to rejoin the world.
It is a very strange existence, that of a recluse and an eccentric
one at that. But with just my imagination to guide me and a blank
canvas as my adventure playground I do find it rather stimulating I
have to say. There is a line I use more and more these days which
borrows its line from the 'Matrix' where the boy says there is no
spoon. What I say is ' There is no people '.

Anyhoo.. I'm sure it wont last and I'll be back in the saddle by the
fall. I have been taking photographs like mad and stocking up the
stuff to load onto the site. Latest was KCS and the GEM Desktop.

I'm not suggesting everyone try what I have done, but when you have
had a year where life seems like the opening words to Road to Hell,
' More bad news ', you may be wise to put the mobile phone in a
drawer for a while and go mad with pen and paper. Try it.

PS: It is not possible to hack your paper journal. You cannot infect
your drawing pad with a trojan and you never get asked to accept
those cookies whilst reading an actual paper magazine. The freedom
is pure ecstasy and you begin to enjoy a world where literally not a
person on this earth has any idea what you are viewing, reading or
creating. I am not a number.. I am a free man.

OK: For reference purpose ' Here comes the rain ' is from Touch (reissue)
by Annie Lennox and Dave Stewart. The ' More bad news ' is from the
radio in the car on The Road to Hell by Chris Rea. The Matrix features
Thomas Anderson who goes to see the Oracle and meets the young boy
trying to bend spoons. Chechnya is a republic within Russia and so I
am guessing does not constitute a footballing country for the purposes
of the European football competition. The 'I am not a number' is from
the Prisoner starring Patrick McGoohan. The Sovereign State of SCUZZ
does exist and resides on the Island of Pjeschioscho in the mystical
world of Chandraise Kingdom. Current population is 1.

.... Rumours on vinyl. Classic.

'I can still hear you saying. You would never break the chain '

Gotta go. Got a date with a ghost.  

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Here comes the rain again.

Trust me.. that is a colour photograph taken
outside my house today.

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