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Entry 2nd August 2021: Post 1: There is no people.

There is no people.

Let me explain the term 'There is no people'. If you Google the data
centre at Google you will get a good perspective of what ' no people'
means. We live is a world where more and more we are expected to be
hooked into the internet. A bit like the battery cells in The Matrix.
And yet in truth behind these friendly 'social' faces of sites there
is in truth nothing. You are actually dealing with computer algorithms
and data collecting sites. You may believe that there are caring,
compassionate, concerned and interested parties watching and reading
what you do, but in truth there just are not that many people in
the world that could patiently sit all day and monitor your behaviour.
For the most part the only thing eves dropping in on your activity is
a mindless computer which simply monitors key words that you use to
customise your browser adverts.

In truth no real human being cares what you do. The only thing that
matters is that data about you is logged, recorded, assessed and used
to target advertising companies so that they can share with you their
wonderful products. The computers are a go between and have truly only
one purpose.

The data storing never stops. It infects every news site you visit,
every social media site you frequent, every store site you use. These
mindless computers that you feel you are interacting with are farming
you every single time you are on line. When a company wants your
mobile phone number so they can install an 'app' they just want an
authorised door into your world. They all show smiley, politically
correct individuals on their pages, but in truth your only contact is
that data mining centre filled with mindless computers.

And so ' There is no people' really is about a world that has sold its
soul to the data farming computers that populate places of work where
once 'real people' resided. So next time you interact with your phone
consider the doors that you open into your world. Consider just what
it is that you are confiding with and consider whether it is truly
human interaction. My guess is that for the most part you are only
dealing with a clever computer algorithm or program.

' We value your privacy ' .... do they fuck!

One last comment is that the new world order of social media and 24/7
phone dependency has created a culture of liars. It is the norm these
days to tell cold blatant lies as a way of evading the truth. The
faceless world of the phone has given people a mask of deception that
somehow engenders a belief that lying is OK. It has become so prevalent
that world leaders use it to disguise their deceit. Politicians have
always lied, but at least they did do it face to face.

For me I don't have a mobile phone. I don't have an 'app'. I refuse
point blank to join the party. There is one door in this house and I
have the only key. I share my life only when I choose. I also make sure
that I am in control. I do not partake of social media and have no
interest in becoming just another 'Google Matrix Battery'. And that is
why I used the term ' I am not a number '. The concerns of authors
in the early era of computers regarding surveillance of humans to force
feed behavioural activity, spawned a whole plethora of books and films.
The thought was that the processes would be intrusive and persecute
the user causing distress. Little did they know that the processes
would actually be more 'Candy Crush' than large white balloon.

Enjoy your world of ' No people ' but be mindful of just who you are
not really talking to.

Again.. kick off the watchers and grab some vinyl and listen to the
words only, and be comfortably numb inside your 'Wall'.

'Me. I'm a lawnmower. You can tell me by the way I walk'.

I know what I like ( In Your Wardrobe ). Genesis.


'But every time it rains. Your here in my head. Like the sun coming out'.

Cloudbusting. Kate Bush. On vinyl . 

Even better ...

'So I don't feel alone. Or the weight of the stone ..' 

Pigs on the Wing. Pink Floyd

At a time when the most common use of the word track related to vinyl.
And when information flowed just one way. The door swung one way.

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There is no people.

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