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If you are an Amiga user it is unlikely that you have not had
reason at some time to use the vast Aminet archive. It is a credit
to the Amiga community that so many have chosen to upload their
work so that others can benefit from it. Whenever I have gotten
stuck for a file or program I have always clicked the Aminet icon
on my desktop and zonked over to the archive for help. And they
never fail to provide just what I need.

The archive is quite massive, and if you are not minded to search
the online database you can always find files on special CDs
created. These often appear on Ebay. Additionally most Amiga users

probably have a vast resource of Aminet files so just a quick post
on the forums will also generally reward you with what you need.
For the most part its all generally free, which is truly remarkable.

And so if you're stuck then just go search Aminet. Magic.

The Aminet Archive

I will demonstrate an Aminet disc on the
very wonderful Q Drive 1241 for the Amiga 1200

OK I have the CD

And my A1200 is set up for the QDrive

On DF1 I will use the 5.25" in Amiga mode

No mount file required in DEVS

For external 3.5" I am using and original

And so with black mouse in tow I am ready

This computer has the Blizzard Turbo IV

With around 8MB of memory

I called this computer Moot for some reason

And so I fire her up

Load the Aminet disk

Instantly recognised by the rodent

And start searching through the contents

The original discs came on 4 disc sets

There really have been a lot of Aminet
discs released so there is no shortage
Be mindful of updated software though
when using the older discs

Sets also appeared on cover discs

I have this Aminet networking system that
I doubt is related, though does enable the
linking of 26 Amigas on a network

Turning to the Amiga I am using, the Q Drive
does have CD32 capability

Standard SysInfo data for the computer

I have left the Squirrel stuff on
as I do use this with a ZIP drive

If I need the DF1 5.25" for PC disks
I can very quickly drag this tool
into the old DEVS drawer in DOSDrivers

Mount file for 5.25" CrossDOS

The Aminet Archive

If you do have something worthy of uploading
to the Aminet Archive I am sure they will be more
than happy to hear from you.

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