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ScuzzBlog: Diaries 2018

March 07: Entry 1804: scuzzblog: Post: 1

Coming up .... Mebeeee

Each day I reflect on what I shall be doing, and each day it never
turns out the way I planned. So here are a few ideas for the 
comings days, though don't hold your breath.

My keyboard membrane arrived for the Spectrum
So I may just get round to fitting that.. Dunno

Found some great images of the Speccy.
Could scan them all in I guess

Maybe have another go with the Microdrive

Lots of fun things in Home Computing Weekly
and I do need to find all those lost copies.
Probably a little adventurous... dunno

Wow look at that sexy computer desk.
Just gotta get me one of those

I could always track down every copy of
those games in the Top 30 for 1983

Hmmm.. Maybe I could find out how to
build a time machine and go back and
snaffle some old games and software

Haven't really done much with the 1060
sidecar of late... Possible.. Possible

That reminds me I have this PowerPC on
the floor upstairs and I can hear the
thing power up but no monitor. I do have
a Mac monitor in a box but its a job and
a half to get it out.. Probably not

Back to reality and a request for some
KC and the Sunshine disks... Dilema though

I have successfully ADF copied the Amiga disk
but I don't think ADF or DMS worked with the
MSDOS disk for the board.

Fortunately I have one of those new
fangled Windows machines with the very
latest HD floppy disk so I was able to
both check and copy the disk

I was able to run Cross-DOS with DOpus
and copy the files to a folder on the A4000d

I also have all my purpose made disks
for running the KCS PowerPC Board

But here is the thang. I know that Microsoft
still exist... Well pretty sure they are. And
I have a policy of not uploading any disk to
the site. So given that MSDOS is the product
of a company still in existence I just am not
able to distribute the disk. Sad that. OK I'll
format them and use them for something else..
I mean the law is the law.

Anyway I think I'll be mucking around with
a French terminal tomorrow... Whoo er !! Quite mad

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