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March 12: Entry 1817: scuzzblog: Post: 3

C64 Corner - Poking about with my floppy

Whoo err !! Anyway, I had planned a good session today with the
1541 out of the box but failed if you read the last post. I had
this small pile of items that I have been steadily finding homes
for and today I was archiving the 5.25" disks so I was going to
have a play. Sadly I spent quite a while with that printer
nonsense and what with the failed drive I kinda ran out of time.

Anyway here is some of the items just for the hell of it. Watch
out for Sam Fox.... File name Sam Fox Pokes ... She was on Page3

Still hoping on finding a power supply
for my Super Expander so I shall be
keeping that out for a while longer
I mean when you have a floppy like mine
you really need a Super Expander.. Stop it!!

And what better way to service your
floppy but a Toolkit. This is the 1581
book that seems to have been separated
from the drive. Back safely together

Simons' BASIC. Guess I better keep
the manual close as its all I use
on the old C64. Though one game I
played today bluntly told me to
remove the cartridge. How rude

I didn't get chance to play with Logo
so maybe another day. I did have a
play with Terminator... I mean !!

Better not go there... Frustrating

So much planned today.. Never mind

Sam Fox and Strip Poker... Whoo er!!

This disk and drive working at least

Fist and Strip Poker.. Interesting

That's enough of that

Fighting .. Should have guessed
That's Fist by the way and remarkably
good for a C64 game

Man was this tedious... Dragon I
think its called. I spent like for
ever entering attributes for a
character and then got dumped out
cus I needed the manual with some
data to enter. Never mind

OK... This is a Really Big Cave

What ever

This file was called Sam Fox Pokes
Amazing what you find on other folks'
disks... Even on the C64.

Man am I a sucker for Uridium

Zork is just not what its made out to be
I'll blame Sheldon Cooper for that one

This game didn't like the Simons' BASIC
cartridge. No idea why

Think I've played this before on
these pages... Sorry for that

A short interlude in the end.
Had planned a lot more. Maybe
another day. I'll put my floppy
away for now. It's a 1541 !!!!

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