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March 13: Entry 1820: scuzzblog: Post: 2

Commodore Laptop - You gotta be joking
In 1995 Escom opened a store in the shopping mall in Fareham UK
and I was probably one of the first in there. I was most hopeful
of buying oodles of new Amiga hardware and software. Sadly I was
greeted with PCs.... just boring, lifeless dreary PCs. All badged
as Commodore which is about as close they were ever going to get
to the Amiga.

I was greeted by a shop assistant who asked if I needed help. I
just laughed and asked where the Amigas were. She replied with
' Wouldn't I prefer to buy a PC '......  ' er no ' was my reply.

For months later we got these Escom advertising magazines with
pages of PC stuff and a few pages of basic 1200s and 4000s. In
my life I have had few more disappointing events as the continued
debarkle over the sale of Commodore. And so when I laughingly
call this feature today a Commodore laptop I do it with a
certain amount of frustration of what happened to Commodore
over the years that followed the closure in 1994. Just a badge.

I guess I ought to describe the 'Notebook' anonymous as a PC,
but hey, that's the world we fell into once all the real computer
makers went under at the end of the eighties.

Here we have a Pentium 75 1GB hd 8mb RAM Win3.11 laptop which
has a build date of 18th December 1995. So a Commodore badge on
a product obtained by Escom and sold to the UK. The laptop no
doubt was upgraded to the Windows98 OS that it now carries.

Other interesting features of the laptop include... There aren't
any. It's a laptop running Windows. Nuff said.

In England we call it a ' Piss take '. What more can I say.

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