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March 15: Entry 1825: scuzzblog: Post: 2

A1200 - Unexpanded

In the very early nineties I use to travel to Poole on the odd
evening to join a friend on his unexpanded A1200. I always found
the usage a little taxing, but he was happy with the A1200 without
the hard drive and accelerator. For me I never had the inconvenience
as I always had the benefit of the hard drive. I recall also my
dad having a couple of A500s with all the disk swapping and it was
enough for me to insist on a hard drive for my 1200 when I bought it.

Anyway, with one of my A1200s without any expansion cards and 
internal hard drive I thought I would go Commando and just run
without. Plus a sprinkling of those essentials any Amiga user of
the day would have needed to get going on the computer.

I name all my Amigas and so meet Batista
from Bristol no less. Completely unexpanded
and has a repair seal still intact from 1996.

So first up you are going to need a mouse.

And a mouse house and matt for the roller
This is my original from 1993.

In those days the old mouse
would die.. quite frequently.

Next essential is the Quickshot.

Or maybe a game pad.

Not forgetting the joystick graveyard.. Blame Sensi.

A box of DDs... One of many you needed.

Useful getting the disks that
came in the plastic case.

Though it wasn't long before you
were acquiring the larger disk-box.

I show actual real fully fledged
authentic disks here. My guess most
disk boxes were filled with anything but.

The A1200 came with the usual
plethora of software disks.

And those much copied Workbench disks.

Whilst the info in the manuals was useful
there really was always something more
that you needed to know. So books... Many books.

And magazines.. Loads of magazines.

Which resulted in more disks and so
even more disk boxes. Not forgetting
that on an unexpanded system you would
need to decompress most of your disks
and that meant even more floppy disks.

Next up there are those endless games manuals
essential for the password codes to get in.

Plus stacked towers of boxes.

Often heavy boxes at that filled
with disks, manuals and other sturff

PMaybe at this point any sensible Amigan
would think of acceleration, RAM and the
essential hard drive.

A screen I never really saw. This kinda
separates the Expanded from the UN-brigade
If you know what I mean.

And that's your lot on an A1200
without a hard drive or extra RAM.

Disk swapping [ yawn ].

Plus formatting of endless disks.

And 834K is the max storage available
Trick was to format without the trashcan.

The Workbench was also limited
to your disk capacity and this
also needed to be copied... over
and over as you amended to just
run stuff.

Go make a cuppa tea.

Renaming... Copying... Formatting... Swapping...
Labelling... Storing.

Your copy is ready.. but the disk is
already 90% full.

Enough.. Let's play a game.

It's Oscar.

Hope you didn't throw that game manual away.

Waits for disk to load.

And we are in. Not a bad game. Not good
but not a bad game. Came with your Desktop
Dynamite pack ... but not for a hard drive.

OK let's celebrate having the old floppy
drive and my six of the best cover disks
Starting with Marvin's Marvellous Adventure.

Played this to death... Seriously.

Next up Aladdin.

Probably some of the best animation
that I have seen in a game.

Cannon Fodder Christmas Special.

War was never so much fun.. Especially
when invading a football pitch.


Just a shame I can't photograph the action.

TopGear 2

Eat Dirt.. The double tap to boost
really had to be used in moderation.

Steel Sky.. Could have picked Valhalla or Dreamweb.

I have to give Sensible Massacre a gentle
mention given that whilst it is not in my
top six it definitely is a hoot and a half.

You do have to decrunch the disk first.

So sad that you can't see the carnage
Limitations of the old camera sorry.

Bit like the action in Uridium
All just a blur to the camera.

Anyway that's that.. You can guess
what I'm doing for the rest of the day

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