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March 16: Entry 1826: scuzzblog: Post: 2

A1000 with the A1060 Sidecar Working - Part 2

Finally got round to fully photographing both the Amiga 1000
and the Amiga 1060 sidecar working.

Here goes

Continued ...

Enter the Amiga 1060 Sidecar

The pass-through for the mouse.

The side expansion connector.

Lining the two units up.

Connected successfully.

Basic DOS disk that I use to test.

Plus my ready made sidecar disks.

Switches on the time machine.

The Amiga 1000 asks for the Kickstart disk.
Remembering always that the Kickstart is on
disk for the Amiga 1000 unlike other Amigas.

And now we insert the special sidecar
Workbench disk created for the purpose.

Normal boot to start with.

Then the notification that the disk is
the special Sidecar Workbench Version 1.2.
Without this the 1060 will not work as
it will not be able to source the much
needed libraries.

You should hear a trill ring like an old
fashioned telephone as the two units start
to talk to each other.

So now we click on the PC Mono icon.
You should get a short beep from the
A1060 and the disk light on the 5.25"
drive illuminates as the disk is accessed.

The Janus handler V2.20 is found and
we are asked to input the correct date
and time...

Once inserted we are greeted with
very boring DOS prompt

Checks all is working with the
directory listing. I have other 5.25"
boot disks with other DOS commands to
run FORMAT etc but I rarely need
to use MS-DOS on an Amiga. I use the
Win3.1 IBM for that..... Job done.

Not really sure why you would ever need
to go to such extremes to emulate such
an inferior OS when you have an Amiga
at your disposal. Always puzzles me that

The Amiga 1000 with Amiga 1060 Sidecar


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