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ScuzzBlog: Diaries March 2020

Entry 2nd March 2020: Post 01: Amiga 500 Plus - The GVP Challenge.

Amiga 500 Plus - The GVP Challenge.

OK time to get under the hood of an A-500 Plus and what better
way than checking over two of my GVP sidecars. One has 1.3, and
the other has 2.04 so it can feel right at home.

I also show the A501 RAM expansion which was removed by Commodore
from its shiny case and placed onto the motherboard of the Plus.
The modulator shown was shipped with all new A-500 Plus machines.

And so to the scuzz-cave !!

PS: I have a combined total of 37 Amiga 500 and 500 Plus computers
though no figure on how many are A-500 Plus. And so tomorrow I
set about finding out how many Amiga 500 Plus machines survive in
the collection. I will also establish how many of all of these
500 and A-500 Plus' actually still work. That should be fun.

Amiga 500 Plus - The GVP Challenge.

Not my CV by the way.

Nothing to see here !!! All AOK

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