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ScuzzBlog: Diaries March 2020

Entry 7th March 2020: Post 01: CD32 - A little too late.

CD32 - A little too late.

Just imagine if the CD32 had been a side expansion plug-in for the
A1200 and available from the first day of launch of the Amiga 1200.
Imagine if the Plus had never been released but the 500 given the
A570 as an expansion earlier, and also included a hard drive and
overlapped the Amiga 1200 launch by a good year before ceasing of
production. Better, the CD32 could have been detachable and have
a plug in keyboard like the Dreamcast.  Also needed floppy ports
to play disk based games.

What I struggle with when looking back over the wilderness years
of 1992-93, is that there wasn't intelligent forward looking folk
at Amiga that didn't suggest all these things. You have to almost
go back to the days of Jay Miner to find a guy so determined to
give the Amiga a future beyond yesterdays news.

Anyhoo.. The CD32. Sad little creature. One that had way more
potential than even Commodore realised. It could have become so
much more had it been wedded to the 600 and 1200 [ better ]. I
have the SX32 that makes the CD32 into a 1200 and it appears to
have not been that hard to implement.

It also took a little Q-drive on a PCMCIA to show how easy it
really was to give the Amiga a CD-ROM drive. Shame it took third
party developers to give the Amiga what it needed. But then that
was the way of this platform after Commodore folded.

So much potential for the A1200 in terms of expansion which is yet
another ambition of Jay Miner. Sadly the CD32 does reflect the
lack of joined up thinking that dogged Commodore at the end. It
all went 'pear shaped' from around October 91 and really never
recovered. It wasn't that the company didn't have the products
and the skill levels, but by the time of their launch the business
was in such a mess it all became academic. They could have made
so much money had they got the timing right and the product
expansions in place at launch.

All water under the bridge now .... Ar hum !

CD32 - A little too late.

Time to get the Q-Drive working on the A1200

One of my many trusty Aminet CDs to test

The drive has been initialised

Needed to obtain and install the software

The drive is unique as it has its own Squirrel
PCMCIA interface with the A1200. The Q-Drive is
not the only strange drive connected to this 1200
as she also has a 5.25" drive on DF1

The machine adjacent is a working CBM 4032.. and
below a working 1000 connected to a 1060 sidecar

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