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ScuzzBlog: Diaries March 2020

Entry 17th March 2020: Post 02: MS-DOS v CP/M-86 in 1982.

MS-DOS v CP/M-86 in 1982.

Following on from the previous blog I found this interesting
article regarding the merits of DOS v CP/M-86 of the day. what
struck me was the last couple of paragraphs ...

MS-DOS is certainly friendlier than CP/M-86 and definitely
gives faster disk handling. It incorporates sensible error
messages ( well much more sensible than CP/M-86 ) and generally
feels a lot more robust and easier to use.

Of the two, then, I found MS-DOS the nicer to use. At present
there seems to be less in the way of application software
available to run under it than is currently up and running
under CP/M-86 - but I expect this situation to change pretty
quickly as more and more software for the the IBM Personal
Computer becomes available on this side of the Atlantic and,
of course, as more machines running MS-DOS appear. 

Quite an accurate insight don't you think.

MS-DOS v CP/M-86 in 1982.

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