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ScuzzBlog: Diaries March 2020

Entry 17th March 2020: Post 03: Turning back the PAGE to 1983.

Turning back the PAGE to 1983.

You could be fooled into thinking I have featured this magazine
before. In truth the edition I showed last time was a picture
from a PDF collection that I acquired.

Anyhoo ... I digress. Let me take you back in time.

It is 1983 and I ventured into W H Smith in Walsall to get my copy
of Home Computing Weekly. Always keen to have something to read
on the 93 bus home. Imagine my surprise when the magazine which
featured 'Fast Work with the ZX81' was adorned with the very
sensuous image of Miss Karen Kelly, a Page 3 girl of the time.
Not only that but she was wearing quite scanty attire.

For four weeks running Home Computing Weekly featured Page 3
girls on the cover of the magazine. For those not familiar with
Page 3 girls, they appeared topless each week day and Saturday
on Page 3 of The Sun newspaper. I have to say I wasn't minded
to pull the magazine from my bag and read on the bus so it was
confined to the bottom drawer of my desk at home, not even visible
to my parents. Whilst a quite fetching cover it was out of place in
the day. And it only happened that four weeks and never again.

What happened to my original I have no idea. I have two of the
editions and am missing the Linda Lusardi cover. So knock me
down with a feather when the magazine came up on the Bay and I
very quickly purchased it. Kinda took me back to my days when
the only computer I had was the ZX81. And so for no other reason
than to feature Karen Kelly who was 19 in 1983 I give you Home
Computing Weekly August 9-15 1983 No.23. Be sure to take a look
at the tips page. [ I said tips !!! ].

Turning back the PAGE to 1983.

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