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ScuzzBlog: Diaries March 2020

Entry 20th March 2020: Post 01: Acorn 3000 - Fault finding mission.

Acorn 3000 - Fault finding mission.

Hadn't switched on the Acorn 3000s for a while. These computers
need my gender changer for the monitor and will only run on
Amiga type monitors for some reason. Sadly the first of the 3000s
had been playing up and was causing me no end of boot issues. It
finally fell over today with the floppy light on all the time. So
it was time to open her up and have a look.

Didn't take long to find the problem. Whether this is the correct
terminology for the component but looks like a ceramic style cap
has split and is no longer circulating the current. I checked on
my other Acorn 3000 and you can see the correct way this little
component should look.

Both computers have the batteries removed. The one that is faulty
had taken the most damage from the leaky battery with a number of
the sockets corroded. Pins look OK. Interestingly on the faulty
machine the chips do not fully fill the sockets, and yet they do
on the working computer.

And so until I can find someone to fix this problem she goes back
into store.

The two machines have been modified during their lives with the
first receiving the MIDI interface update and the second the IDE
Watford interface for the hard drive. Many of the Acorn machines
I have have had modifications. Much like the BBC models.

One other interesting thing about the second of my Acorn 3000s is
that the cover to the internal PSU is made of cardboard. Did make
me laugh that. Just hope she doesn't get too hot.

Both back in store now. I guess I'm a little upset about the
fault on the Acorn 3000. Saying that I always thought they were
busted anyway till I discovered the trick with the DELETE key.

Archimedes A3000 built by Acorn in 1989.
Running an ARM 2 32Bit RISC at 4/8 MHz.
Has MEMC (memory), VIDC ( Video and Sound )
Takes 1MB RAM expandable to 4MB with card.
The ROM is 512K (RISC OS2) and 1MB (RISC OS3) which both of mine are.
The disk drive is a 3.5" 800K .
In the day this computer cost around 650.

Acorn 3000 - Fault finding mission.

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