ScuzzBlog: Diaries March 2020

Entry 27th March 2020: Post 02: GVP A1291 SCSI KIT.


Yesterday I was discussing SCSI on the Amiga and made reference
to the SCSI KIT for the GVPTurbo+.

OK back in time to 3rd March 1995 and my purchase of the GVP A1230II
40MHz/4MB accelerator card from Silica for 299. That same day I
also purchased a 340MB hard disk from Gordon Harwood for 329 with
the shipping costs. So accelerator and hard drive combined cost me
a cool ... 630, so all you guys moaning about A1200 costs today
think yourself lucky. And that was 1995 money.

The SCSI KIT came later and cus I had already upgraded the A1200 to
the 1230 Blizzard with the SCSI I never actually fit the thang.

So to today and me doing my review of the WB v1.1 disks and I noticed
that the clock in DOpus was keeping perfect time. And it was this
A1200 that I moved the GVP to some years back. So the clock which
runs on a battery is still correct in respect of time even though
the battery is close on 25 years old. How cool is that.

The GVP card was blistering fast at 40MHz but did send some of my
games like Sensi Soccer into melt down. Also many games wouldn't
work on the A1200 after I fitted it. Interestingly the main reason
for me getting the card was to play SimCity 2000. Sadly she only
had 4MB RAM and I had to supplement with another 4MB of inferior
RAM off an Amitek PCMCIA card. Wasn't very clever but worked.

I currently have the Surf Squirrel fitted to this A1200 so no real
need for the SCSI. I guess I should rectify that ROM conflict at
some time. The computer works fine and I only use the Amiga for
playing games while I do other things in the Workshop.


The clock is still correct on this
machine after 25 years without the
battery ever being changed.

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