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Entry 05th March 2021: Post 1: ACID - Blitz Basic OKEE DOKEE.

ACID - Blitz Basic OKEE DOKEE.

I was reminded recently of just how wonderful a piece of software
Blitz BASIC was. The program came out on cover disk 52a and 82a
of Amiga Format November 1993 and February 1996 respectively. The
November edition carried one of the longest tutorials I have ever
seen in Amiga Format. The 1996 Subscribers Disk also carried a
detailed AmigaGuide format guide with all the commands.

I was so impressed with the software that I purchased not one but
two copies of Blitz 2.1 just so I could get the disk and the CD.
The earlier V2 box is A4 size and has a very healthy manual.

If you haven't tried Blitz BASIC you should really try to hunt
down the disks and the guide and have a go. It really is so
easy to get into and I loved it.

I do have a little problem with the CD. I can't find it. After
all these years I'm still losing stuff. It'll turn up.

ACID - Blitz Basic OKEE DOKEE.

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