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Entry 14th March 2021: Post 1: M5 SORD - Is my second SORD working?

M5 SORD - Is my second SORD working?

Following the revelation that my first SORD computer worked with
the BASIC I cartridge inserted, I decided to bite the bullet and
dig deep into my storage and grab the other of my SORD machines.

This SORD has a worse outer box but does include the inner box.
She also has a better looking BASIC I cartridge and the games tape.
Fortunately she had the power supply and paddle but sadly, as with
the other computer, no BASIC manual and paperwork.

So I plugged her in and tried first without the Cartridge. Next I
switched on with the cartridge and as before got a garbled load
of symbols on the screen before going blank. So I cleaned the
cartridge connector so it was all nice and shiny. I switched on
and in an instant she sprang into life.

What is amazing about both SORDs is that many of my computers of
this era have some disturbance on the screen, as with say the very
early Spectrums, but with these computers the screen itself has
been crystal clear. It doesn't come across from the pics cus of
the camera and an old black and white TV, but you can read all
the lines across the screen. Most impressive. All the keys worked
and she ran for quite a while before I switched her off.

There you go , two computers that I thought were faulty and which
were not. I gotta say that made my week and I am so pleased. I am
not sure how much life these computers had. This latter one was
from the last months of the machine as the price was reduced 149
quid from near 200. The boxes are well worn, but at least I got
the boxes. Also I have the tape that came with the machines. I
do believe there was a tape machine specifically for the computer.
That would be a rare thing. I will now keep my eyes open for a
manual. I have downloaded one but not the same.

Happy days.

M5 SORD - Is my second SORD working?

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