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Entry 23rd March 2021: Post 1: Amiga 4000d/040 - Keyboard conundrum.

Amiga 4000d/040 - Keyboard conundrum.

I had mothballed this A4000d when I discovered a capacitor lying
loose in the base of the machine. I had removed the PicassoIV to
take some pictures and discovered the capacitor during that process.

I was very hopeful of freeing up an Amiga monitor by using the
PicassoIV in another A4000/040 and by using the Mitsubishi PC
monitor. To do this I needed the Picasso96 install that is on this
other machine. So my aim was to get the computer kitted out with
the PicassoIV and then Parnet across the files.

Easy !! Do you think ?

Amiga 4000d/040 - Keyboard conundrum.

This A4000d was purchased broken. The battery
had destroyed the motherboard. I obtained a
replacement from the States. Was my main internet
Amiga for several years and then I mothballed her.

Odd that the bottom cover went yellow.

Fired up and she was working OK.

I use a Microsoft mouse.

Utilising the EZMouse from Eyetech.

The monitor will be the Mitsubishi.

And I will be using Parnet to copy
over the Picasso96 install files.

I will transfer to an Amiga 1200
that has a Squirrel and a ZIP drive.

Nothing inside the A4000 at this time.

When I removed the PicassoIV last time
a capacitor had popped off the mobo.

The capacitor was a C404 and I had assumed
it had simply gone bad.

There is no capacitor in the location showm.
Therefore the capacitor was not from here.

Turned out to be on the audio system.

Totally incorrect so ignore.

The computer has two IDE drives which
sit one above the other. The WB and
Work are on the lower level.

The A4000 has the 040 processor card.

Making it quite nifty.

She has a modest 12MB of Fast RAM.

And the usual plethora of drives.

Time to drag the Picasso out from her slumber.

Looks in good shape. Who knows?

The card has to fit on the bottom slots.

And man is it hard to get in.

One side in and the other end pings out.

All tightly installed.

And I think I know how the capacitor
got dislodged. My guess is I clipped
it with my fingers when removing the
Picasso. Very close to the edge and
nothing to grab onto to remove the card.

There was no capacitor removed from here

OK Paris is back plus my Workbench.
So sexy but then what Amiga isn't.

Sadly the Parnet installation failed.

And worse ... The keyboard wasn't working.

This had been a problem in the past.

The interface on the keyboard I used
had a pin bent over.

I raised an issue about this on Amiga Org
in 2016 explaining the conundrum. Seems
now sadly that no keyboard works.

It didn't get any better. Whilst I was
copying over files the hard drive went
bye bye. Totally collapsed.

So I hot footed over to Graham, my A1200
in an A1500 case and rebuilt a drive from
an old OS3.9 drive from the EZ Tower.

It was the Maxtor that had collapsed.

Nothing I could do. She wouldn't even
format. Just dead. Never mind.

And we are back. The lovely Paris Hilton
and my sexy Amiga. And now cus I didn't
destroy the replacement drive contents
I have even more drives to play with.

Seems I now have an extra games drive.

And she boots just fine. Every time.

I have decided to leave the PicassoIV
in this machine and try to resolve the
Parnet and maybe even the keyboard.

What is obvious is that the pins were
preventing the connector from going in
properly and then the two pins went down
the same hole and blew the chip.

I am such a dick head at times. I just don't
deserve to have this kind of kit.

Anyway Paris is well stacked and throbbing
away on my desk so all can't be bad. I think
I'll have a play. Just as long as I don't
have to find my keys to get her motor running.

I had considered the key lock on the front of
the computer may be locking out the keyboard.

Looks like I shall be having another night with Paris.

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