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Entry 25th March 2021: Post 1: Amiga IDE tapping - Picasso96 with Graham.

Amiga IDE tapping - Picasso96 with Graham.

My current session with the A4000d was prompted by my wanting to
extract the Picasso96 installation from my mothballed A4000 with
the dodgy motherboard. I had given up on this machine and removed
the PicassoIV. I decided it was time to copy over the Workbench
and then transfer to another computer. This kinda failed with the
issues raised in previous blogs. However, all was not lost cus I
had another 3.5" IDE with the same installation on it.

Graham to the rescue.

Frequent flyers will know of Graham, my bogus Amiga 1400 which is
an Amiga 1200 inside an Amiga 1500/2000 case. She uses the power
from the 2000 plus the drives and keyboard, whilst retaining the
A1200 motherboard.

The best part of this computer is the Thunderbird pod bay that is
where I sit any number of IDE drives and plug them in and out and
in a flash copy over useful files. So it took no time at all to
find the Picasso96 installation and copy across.

Took the time to check over my little tower of IDE drives and see
that they were all still working. I am thinking of using one of
these drives in another 4000d. Blog to follow shortly.

Whilst checking over Graham I noticed a mark on the motherboard.
It is a stain from something that wont come off. I checked my 
record pics and it has been there since day 1. There are no
capacitors in the area so no idea what caused it.

Anyhoo, I'm good to go. Picasso in the bag. Time for some K/DA.

Amiga IDE tapping - Picasso96 with Graham.

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