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Entry 26th March 2021: Post 1: Amstrad CPC 464 - I broke the key off.

Amstrad CPC 464 - I broke the key off.

I did that... I broke the key off. I was putting Graham to bed and
the bloody keyboard fell off the top and dropped on the poor CPC.
My heart skipped a beat as I watched it fall to the ground and take
the cassette pause button out in one go. BUGGA ! It's not like she
isn't handicapped enough, what with having another key missing. I
don't normally have the computers standing up leant against the
wall, but I moved it so I could get to Graham better. That didn't work.

I took the CPC 464 apart to check for any other damage but she was
fine. Interestingly the pause isn't used that much and surprisingly
still works. Just stick you finger in and press the projecting bit
of plastic. I can glue it back on at some time. For now not an issue.

The bigger issue with this computer is the very loose power connector.
It is quite dangerous in truth. Has almost come away from the board.
For now I have stuck some insulating tape across the rear sockets.
Fortunately I don't use this computer. The size, or length of them
makes them a pain to find anywhere safe to lay flat.

I checked the tape whilst at it. She is working fine. I seem to
recall replacing all the drive bands on the CPC 464 computers that
I have, and there are five of them.


Alan Sugar may not have been everyone's favourite entrepreneur, but
the CPC 464, I believe, got it nearly perfect for a machine of the
day. Here are my plus list....

01: Colour display.
02: Full size keyboard.
03: Separate arrow keys.
04: Number key pad.
05: Cassette deck.
06: Power from the monitor.
07: Own special monitor. Green or Colour.
08: Good sized and well built expansion ports.
09: Easy to disassemble and work on.
10: Ease of expansion for floppy disk drive.
11: Integrated speaker.
12: CP/M and BASIC.
13: Oodles of games and software.
14: Best is the click when it starts and stops the tape loading.

I think that every great computer businessman has a flaw. With
Sinclair it was that bloody car, Jay Miner it was IBM and the
emulator and with Sugar it was the mobile executive. He was crazy
bonkers at trying to make cheap portable junk that really was never
going to appeal to the young executives of the day. He should have
concentrated on setting the bar much higher for more advanced kit
and abandoned the out of date era he seemed willing to cling to.
He lost the plot. I sense the success and football went to his
head. I'd have sacked him.

Amstrad CPC 464 - I broke the key off.

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