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Entry 27th March 2021: Post 1: Amiga 4000/030 - No mouse to boot.

Amiga 4000/030 - No mouse to boot.

In 2010 I was invited by a friend to collect a whole bag of Amiga
kit. Amongst the items was this busted Amiga 4000/030. The poor
machine was broken and in pieces. The daughter-board was lying on
the motherboard. Nothing was connected. There was no processor on
the board and the power supply was disconnected and loose inside
the case. I connected her up and replaced one or two parts and I
discovered the mouse port to be broken.

Interestingly at the time I did try a hard drive and that didn't
work either. Additionally the memory was dodgy and not picking up
the extra RAM on the computer. I have tried since and failed. There
appears to be some corrosion still around the battery which was
removed. There is a very mangled looking chip to the base of the
SIMM slots. Also the area around the Video DAC looks suspect.

Given that I had checked over a spare A4000 IDE on Graham just the
other day I decided to have another go. I reseated the memory and
firmly connected the IDE and floppy cables plus the processor. I
must have done something cus she booted first time. What is more
all the memory was visible. Incredible !!!

Sadly the mouse was still bust which is probably a faulty chip. I
resorted to using the keyboard commands to move around. I was more
than a little chuffed I have to say. I couldn't see any obvious
leaks from capacitors. Floppy was also working. She was nearly
good enough to label working.... Who am I kidding. She's fine.

Anyway time to celebrate with some LoL [ League of Legends ]. I'm
sure I will make the world finals this year. Odd that the group
K/DA take their name from the LoL tag 'Kill Death Assist'. Weird.

LINK: Pheonix featuring Cailin Russo and Chrissy Costanza - Worlds 2019

Amiga 4000/030 - No mouse to boot.

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