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Entry 29th March 2021: Post 1: 4000/040 - Breaks my heart.

4000/040 - Breaks my heart.

If you are ever looking at photographs on the Amiga Resource site
you will see that the pictures are often by a guy called Michael
Rubisch. I had the pleasure of dealing with Michael in the early
2000s when I purchased a number of computers from Germany. The
one featured here today was my first A4000d and was a real treasure
for a number of years. Sadly she died.

I had two A4000d machines operating online and the one was up here
so that I could use in tandem with the PC. Like the one I featured
the other day she used a US Robotics dial-up modem. And like the
Amiga in the Workshop she appears to have suffered damage to the
CIA via the serial. This was a particularly sad evening when she
popped. Inside she had a CyberVision card, GVP Impact hard drive
plus ZIP drive, a scandoubler and RAM card. She was merrily going
about her duties when she suddenly stopped working. All went black.

I have spent many an hour trying to work out just what went wrong.
A lot of her electronics have been replaced and swapped out, like
the PSU, processor and all cards. But she just refuses to boot.
Not a flicker on the screen. Only evidence of damage is a strange
stain around the one CIA. Baffling.

It kinda breaks my heart when ever I look at this computer cus it
looks and feels like she is just sleeping, or in a coma. Of all
my Amigas I truly wish this one would work. She was very close to
my operations here for a good while and means a lot to me. I
live in hope that one day she will return. So sad.

4000/040 - Breaks my heart.

Cybervision 64 - Phase 5.

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