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Entry 13th March 2022: Post 2: Megalosound - To those I am truly sorry..

Megalosound - To those I am truly sorry..

Just a quick note so say that to those that asked I am truly sorry
but I just am not up to scanning 127 pages of a manual. I do get
asked quite a lot for scans of full publications. Firstly I avoid
doing it so as not to damage the books spines, and second my time
here is just so busy I just can't commit to taking up the best
part of a day to scan books.

I would say one last thing and that is if you are going to make a
request it really helps if you explain your predicament, your
interest in the document, and a bit of info about who you are.
Simply emailing saying you want me to scan a manual for you without
any detail about the reasons, doesn't encourage me to break away
from the retro schedule I keep. It's kinda gaming season also so
not gonna happen.

I am truly sorry.

So what is Megalosound?  It's a sound sampling system for the Amiga.
'The hardware uses a fast analogue to digital converter to take
stereo audio input from the two phono sockets and send it to the
software via the computer's printer or Parallel port'. It even has
a volume control and a silly face on the manual. That's all I know.

Megalosound - To those I am truly sorry..

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