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Entry 18th March 2022: Post 1: Amiga 1500 - 2.1 on 3.1 backup onto emulator - GoldED.

Amiga 1500 - 2.1 on 3.1 backup onto emulator - GoldED.

Not many pictures today and not much of a blog, but trust me this
has been a real heavy day. I haven't stopped and the challenge I
set kept me on my feet all day.

To start with we have to go back to 2004 and a gift from a friend
from the Just Amiga user group. I purchased a Spirit card from a
guy who insisted I have his GVP Series II card complete with the
hard drive and all his software. I felt so humbled. I never really
used the card choosing to save the contents of his Amiga life.

On Sept 2018 I got stumped with a failed hard drive in an A1500
and decided to swap out the cards and place the gifted Series II
onto the Amiga. What I did at the time was Parnet the contents
over to another Amiga just in case the drive fell over.

OK.. So one of the things that interested me this week was the
software GoldED. I never purchased the software and couldn't find
any place to download it. I then recalled the drive on the A1500.
To my surprise there was a copy.

And now the heavy bit. The A1500 is remote from all my Amigas,
and sits between a pile of Acorns, Ataris and Amstrads. Poor thing.
This made it impossible to Parnet over. My challenge was to get
the Workbench and the bones of the hard drive over to the emulator.
Easy you would think.... You think!!

01: Format ten DD disks on the A1200 in this upper room.
02: Copy the Workbench one disk at a time.
03: Back up here and transfer to hard drive and then ZIP.
04: Rinse repeat with batches of ten disks.
05: Complete the ZIP set.
06: Insert ZIP into PC archive.
07: Transfer archive ADF images to USB.
08: Back up here and onto the emulator.
09: Configured new setup.
10: Used old set-up as blueprint and then deleted and copied files.
11: Rebuilt the Workbench and Work plus DOpus checking user-startups.
12: Ran the new configuration and she worked wonderfully.
13: Start the software transfer.... Stopped for the day.
14: Phew !!

The A1500 has a 3.1 ROM running Workbench 2.1. 2mb Chip and 8mb
RAM. There is no accelerator. It uses those sexy juicy new icons.
Not sure. The Emulator does not run as fast as the Amiga which is

Anyhoo that's me done. I've done nothing all day but climb stairs.
I do have the bones of the Workbench but it seems many things are
laced together so I need the whole drive really. It is very tricky
just using DD standard Amiga disks and some folders have so many
drawers.... But this is the way we use to do it.

There is something quite magical about having someone else's set-up
complete, just as they had used it. This guy knew his stuff and so
I am very careful not to mess with the installation. It is images
of other users set-ups that are the rarest of things. They are
worth so much and truly priceless. So much of the Amiga communities
world has been cast to the wind. Without it you are missing one
of the most important and significant pieces of the Amiga Jigsaw.

Going now... What day is this ?

Amiga 1500 - 2.1 on 3.1 backup onto emulator - GoldED.

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