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Entry 25th March 2022: Post 1: DPAINT IV - CUAmiga and Amiga Format review.

DPAINT IV - CUAmiga and Amiga Format review.

There are few Amiga packages that I have used more than those
provided by Electronic Arts and DPaint. The very first program
that I fired up on the Amiga was DPaint, and I have always viewed
the software as the 'grandaddy' of all applications created for
the Amiga. They truly were there at the dawn and stayed till the
very end.

Anyhoo.. just a bit of light reading today as I feature the two
reviews of DPaint IV as seen through the eyes of CUAmiga and Amiga
Format magazines respectively. Neither magazine ever shipped the
full versions of the software, and to this day I don't think they
have ever been given away free. No matter to me as I have so many
original copies and boxes of the disks I am never going to be out
of a copy to have fun with.

DPaint was fun. It was just so easy to use. To this day there is
still no quicker animation package. The animation brush was a true
marvel and allowed me to create amazing effects of simply stunning
quality, with very little effort. I have boxes and boxes full of
DPaint animations and still create them even today.

So thanks to DPaint for all the joy you have given.
Happy days.

DPAINT IV - CUAmiga and Amiga Format review.

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