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Entry 7th March 2024: Post 1: Loss of an XP - Sure it makes me sad.

Loss of an XP - Sure it makes me sad.

So am I pissed off that Microsoft disabled one of my XP machines?
Sure I am. It wasn't the computers fault that it was burdened with
such a shit operating system, but it tolerated the crap. But to
be cast into the darkness through no fault of its own just adds
insult to injury.

The computer had a legitimate, paid for product, installed and
maintained and running this computer. The machine itself is from
the Evesham stable that supported the Amiga for so long. There was
no good reason to initiate a disable facility given the computer
had a valid OS that had been running for years as such.


I couldn't leave the Evesham XP machine sitting as it was totally
useless, and so I decided to place the machine in deep storage.

Before extracting the computer I wanted to record her status and
maybe salvage some of the cards. In my checking over the kit I did
discover that the DVD had been disabled by me to utilise the ribbon
and power for the ZIP. Historically the ZIP had been shelved in
favour of the DVD given the increased size of backup storage from
the DVD. I had quite forgotten that I had interchanged the ribbon
and power.

Sadly the other CD Writer had somehow burnt out or simply failed.
Having the active DVD allowed me to check the Evesham Recovery disc.
This did not work as the software refused to install an older version
of XP on top of a newer. Worth a shot.

I had already removed the PixelView card a while back. In the day
this video grabber was quite an expensive toy. The card recorded in
AVI format and was just too heavy on disc storage space due to the
large file sizes.

I also checked the network card to compare with a couple I had in
store. I don't believe there is anything wrong with the card.

And so the Evesham XP grey machine went into deep store and in its
place I installed an Evesham XP black mini tower unit. I have a few
of these computers and this works just fine. For now !!

Sadly I did have a problem with the monitor I wanted to use. In
a freak moment the screen section literally snapped off from the
base. The bottom screw sheared as I stood by the monitor and so
was able to catch it before it fell to the floor. The monitor is
the SyncMaster 2232BW which is a dedicated PC monitor without the
HDMI or SCART. So no good for retro. Just need to get a bigger

And so after a few days of humping PCs about I now have another
XP machine in place of the XP machine. In the area where it is
stationed I have a cluster of computers, three of which are XP
machines. One is my main computer from 2008 to 2011 and has the
very lovely Candice Swanepoel as the wallpaper. Yummy.

The XP machines are hardly retro but the machine placed in store
has a history that I can track all the way to the dawn of this
millennium. I can personally 'validate' its authenticity and have
all the respective paperwork to prove it. The machine should not
be consigned to the store room. I may not have much love for the
XP operating system, but this machine was one of my own and I do
not take lightly the loss of any of my computers.

Anyhoo I have concluded that little episode and to help comfort
my loss I just went on a World of Warcraft bender and reactivated
one of my characters from 2008 and have levelled through three
expansions in a mega blast session. That did feel much better.

I guess I better get back to the old stuff now. As you do.

Loss of an XP - Sure it makes me sad.

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