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Entry 12th March 2024: Post 1: Survey check - A1500 Expansion System.

Survey check - A1500 Expansion System.

Following on from yesterdays blog regarding the A1500 Expansion
System, today I measure the actual kit to see which of the two
fixing methods are present on the one I have.

There are two possible dimensions to the fixing centres , either
58mm or 62mm.

[ From Mick Roots ]

The telling dimension is the space between the fixing screws
through the base.

On the early Checkmate box the distance between right hand side
mountings (front elevation) from front to back may be 58 mm on
the Drive Saddle Versions it should be 62 mm.

Any chance you could forget any previous request for comparisons
and just measure that one dimension on your A1500s and confirm
my suspicions. 

And the answer to the Drive Saddle dimension is 62mm. Though the
measuring is crude it is clear that the first hole corresponds
with the 19mm dimension on the drawings and the third is a touch
over 80 and so say 81mm, By subtracting 19 from 81 you get the
62mm dimension.

I did check the overall dimensions of the unit and these check.
Also I checked the drive mounting plate and that is as per the

The A1500 or Checkmate as it became presents an interesting saga
in terms of the way a product, which ultimately became an even
more modern form factor, has its origins a little further back
in history than I had thought. Fortunately I have first hand
information of the work of Mick Roots and his design drawings
for the original casing. Today I can verify that those drawings
do correlate to a version of those schematics.

It has been fun working with Mick and hopefully through the site
we can spread the word of his amazing achievement in creating
the first A1500 Expansion System.

Survey check - A1500 Expansion System.

~ A1500 Expansion System ~

December 26th 2601: scuzzblog: Mick Roots - Unsung hero of the A1500 by A1500 Ltd Part 2.

~ December 25th 2023 ~

December 25th 2501: scuzzblog: Mick Roots - Unsung hero of the A1500 by A1500 Ltd Part 1.

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