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Entry 13th March 2024: Post 1: Stardust - Asteroids on Acid!

Stardust - Asteroids on Acid!

I am still going thro my computers that I technically call ' left
out ', that is machines available but not plugged in. To protect
machines I generally use tissue/kitchen roll and bubble plastic.
This helps prevent dust and bugs entering the vents. One machine
sits here with an old Amiga Format magazine atop it. Sadly the
last few pages of the magazine had obviously been sitting on a
wet shelf and stuck together. The magazine never found its way
into the collection and instead is used as a dust cover.

I was drawn to the game on the cover which is a version of the
very popular Asteroids, dubbed Asteroids on Acid! by Format. The
game is generally the same with a few updates and involves being
dropped in the centre of an Asteroid storm to which you have to
smash the lumps of rock flying at you until they no longer pose
a threat. Sounds easy. The best games are always a simple concept
that gradually gets harder and harder.

The game is by a Scandinavian crew headed by a guy called SCY. The
graphics are by RIB BASSBOMB? All from Bloodhouse 1993.

The disk is downloadable from the EAB Magazine Rack. Just navigate
to Amiga Format August 1993 Cover Disk section Disk 49. The disk
works from the Workbench and includes a Cheat Compendium and FIXES
for Speedball, Heimdall, Shadowlands and Last Ninja so that those
games work on the Amiga 1200.

If you find yourself stuck at the beginning you use the directional
buttons to move the little ship to an empty slot without a cross
in and then press the fire button.

Note that the cover disk is a playable demo so don't expect the
whole game.

Stardust - Asteroids on Acid!

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