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Entry 14th March 2024: Post 1: Atari 600XL and 800XL - Happy to be left out.

Atari 600XL and 800XL - Happy to be left out.

The 600XL and 800XL are sturdy compact and slender and sit very
comfortably amongst all the other machines I have left out. This
term reflects computers that I generally have available but are
not plugged in. Just means I can have them working at the drop
of a hat.

I am currently going through a process of both checking my
machines that I have left out and deciding if it is time to put
them away into store. These two machines are so hardy that it
makes no sense to hide them away. They come in use when I need
to fire up the Atari floppy drive and review disks.

Both were working fine with the 800XL scoring a slightly better
image quality. Both were very acceptable and rock steady.

The Atari 600XL made by Atari in the States in 1982. 42 years ago.
The computer was withdrawn from service in the January of 1089.
Uses Atari BASIC running on a MOS 6502C at 1.77MHz. [ 1.79 NTSC ]
The machine has a GTIA for video and a POKEY for sound I/0.
RAM is just 16KB though the 600XL can give up to 64KB. ROM is 24KB.
There are five text modes max 40 by 24 and min 20 by 12.
Graphics modes were 16 with a max 320 x 192. Colours 256 [16 cols]
Sound was able to handle 4 voices at 3.5 octaves.

The unit has a composite, cartridge, peripheral (SIO), parallel and
for gaming has the two joysticks.

To power the 600XL requires an external power supply.

The 600XL was the smaller unit and had 16KB RAM as standard. The
800XL had the 64KB RAM and could be expanded to 128KB.

Atari 600XL and 800XL - Happy to be left out.

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