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Entry 15th March 2024: Post 1: ASM-One_v1.4 - Plus NewInstaller issues.

ASM-One_v1.4 - Plus NewInstaller issues.

You may be forgiven for thinking that with a heading like ASM-One
this blog was going to be about Assembler Development on the Amiga.
Not so, although I was having some fun using the tutorial in You-
Tube for ASM I got bogged down trying to resolve an issue with the

First up ASM-One_v1.4 by TFA [ ArTiSt's WiTh An AtTiTuDe ] is a
Freeware 68K/PPC Assembler Development Environment for the Amiga.
Consisting of Assembler, Disassembler, Editor, Debugger and Monitor.

I provide the link below to install the software.

Sadly the NewInstaller that is linked from the software fails to
complete throwing up a script error. This sort of thing is great
fun to resolve on the Amiga.

First up I downloaded the latest NewInstaller from Aminet but that
generated the same problem. So I fired up SnoopDOS and this shows
the script calling up Installer and InstallerB. Interesting.

Nothing for it but to go hands on. I used DOpus to literally fire
the NewInstaller tool in C from a double click and this activated
the installer which now had to be instructed manually. This then
required me to manually enter the path and name of the software,
the author and the version. Magically it bypassed the script that
the software tool must have created and installed the software.

Next I had to configure the preferences in the application to
find the sources directory and all was fine. Having done all this
I just drifted off into 'C' as you do and dropped down the bloody
rabbit hole again... What am I like?

If you don't use your Amiga for serious stuff and just play games
you really are missing out on the real joy of this computer.

Some links:

01: Click to download the software

02: Click for the ASM-One manual

03: More information on ASM-One

04: YouTube Video

ASM-One_v1.4 - Plus NewInstaller issues.

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