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ScuzzBlog: Diaries May 2018

Entry 4th May 2018: Post: 1

Apricot .. Apricot Portable

I know zero about this machine other than it has quite a robust
carrying case which preserves the computer quite well. The screen
and computer end is an odd triangular shape, I guess with the floppy
unit which is a SONY to one end. I assume the back panel can be
removed though I didn't try. The keyboard is operated by infra red.

The computer has voice recognition which is cool. The LCD was the
first 25 line liquid crystal to be mounted on a portable. Is all
still working though difficult with the camera to photograph these
screens as they need the light pointed straight at it.

That's all I know... One more portable for review.

The Apricot Portable made by ACT in the UK in 1984
Keyboard has 92 keys on a flat finger form which is very nice.
The CPU is an Intel 8086 running at 5 MHz
RAM is 256 Kb up to 1024 Kb ROM is 32 Kb
LCD display which is monochrome
Sound is basically just a beeper
Runs MS-DOS 2.11 and CP/M 86

Again these things were very expensive.

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