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ScuzzBlog: Diaries May 2018

Entry 9th May 2018: Post: 1

A590 - Party Mix

Today I have been mostly ... I was intending focussing in on the
A570 as a follow up to the feature on the CDTV. However, as ever
I got distracted by items that revealed themselves as I dug out
all the relevant stuff.

First up I got interested in this Amiga 590 that had a label on
the bottom saying it was busted when I checked in 2004. There was
no further detail and so I decided to take the unit apart and have
a good look.

I was somewhat perplexed as to why there was no disk or power
activity and then realised the LED wiring had been disconnected
and removed.

The hard drive was a beast of a thing and really wasn't giving out
any noise what so ever, so I kinda concluded it was that, that was
bust. As to the rest of the board I couldn't find anything that
looked suspicious. Populated with 2MB and certainly not suffering
with AMNESIA as one of the jumper settings is labelled. Those guys
at Commodore did have a fine sense of humour. Also the usual B-52's
reference with Party Mix on the board.

Any-hoo I did what you should never do and that was simply connect
the mobo into the A500 expansion side slot and that showed the memory
working along with the board. I then hooked the hard drive back up
but got no joy out of that. So I labelled the drive as having a
faulty hard drive and left it at that.

Found this manual whilst digging around
Sadly for me not in the English... But hey

No LED lights or cables attached

OK release the last of the screws

Maybe I should edit the defects list

That's one big XT drive

Different power socket to the basic Amiga

B-52's always very popular

Jumper 1 and zero memory means AMNESIA

That external SCSI pass thro' very useful

Not something I recommend you ever do

The RAM on the board is working fine

The A590 being picked up by SysInfo

No hard drive sadly... Time to put it
in the freezer.. or was it the 'Love Shack Baby'

OK time to update my label from 2004

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